Mexican of another kind of Mexico

Today we celebrate our Independence day, one of the most important celebrations in our country where we used to get together with family and friends to celebrate the joy of being Mexicans and free, the pride of being known as a Mexican, how we make fun of tragedy, how we share the different aspects of being Mexican through our gastronomy, arts, passions, warmth, products, businesses, talents, etc… But it feels different now. Far from the kind of government we have now, chosen from desperation and hope for one drastic change, it’s a Mexico that’s crumbling but getting together by its people, by us, the ones who want to protect our families, the ones that have hope on seeing a post COVID era where we can see people without fear of dying of bringing death to our homes. We love hugging our people, kissing on the cheek as a way of greeting others, being next to someone else without thinking about personal space just the way using the subway or any way of public transportation; us Mexicans are known for being warm with whoever comes near our tables, getting to know more about the stories from people that come to meet our worlds and history. All of this has been paused significantly, but the ones that haven’t respected nor attended that pause are paying the consequences at home and that’s making us weak as a nation, as a whole.

We have one of the riches countries in the world with our culture, arts, promises, talents and investigators. It’s also one of the countries with less conscience about the reality we’re in right now, one that changed our whole world: COVID-19. We’re now in September and everyday more and more cases of infected people are getting closer to our family nucleus, our friend circles and our workplaces; people are moving on with their lives thinking they’re free of being infected but there’s still no cure to this catastrophic virus.

There’s something we know for sure about the pride of being mexican: we don’t stop for nothing and no one. Earthquakes, typhoons, economic crisis, corrupt governments and more haven’t been able to break the essence of Mexicans. We get through any adversity, we join forces with our neighbors if we need to. One of the silver linings noted during this times is how Mexicans have been helping each other by local consumption, supporting local artists, supporting the designer that lost everything and that rebranded his/her creation to live by it, the ones that had big projects with good income decided to do something for the ones that got paralyzed by the pandemic, parents that put away tons of damaged history behind them to blend with their families and help them, the friends of people that lost their job and the entrepreneurs that found a way to give them a job. These are just a few examples that show an impressive ray of light that comes from us as citizens of our beloved Mexico, a reflection of the citizens of other parts of the world. People are losing families, hopes, dreams, businesses, and more everyday, others are even taking chances on new beginnings such as new careers and trying to understand that not everything has to be based on the ideals injected to our minds as kids, we don’t have to be the pride of others but of ourselves.

There are cases of families that broke in pieces in these almost seven months but they have been healing those relationships in their own way, friendships have seased to exist because people are changing a lot, people from the past have returned with new wisdom seen in their eyes, new people have arrived too and they’ve changed our lives in ways we didn’t think of before, forgotten talents have resurfaced in our lives as well… all coming from love and understanding. This is something we knew from Mexico but in a fractioned way: by job description, followers, reach, appearances, status, belongings, etc. Now it’s all being completely shared. This is a different kind of Mexico, not the one we knew rising from debris or economic recessions, it’s a Mexico that takes pride on being for oneself, for its people and everything else goes in the trash bin. It might be one reckless decision, maybe it’s the best one, we still don’t know for sure, but as Mexicans we say “a chingar a su madre” (fuck it). We’re living on what we have today, not on what might be tomorrow. It’s clear for us that tomorrow is a mistery and that used to leave us in check, but not today.


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