Hello! the 141 magazine crew is really excited because we had the incredible opportunity to interview a very talented singer-songwriter who also has an amazing voice and personality. Of course we are talking about Sabrina Fallah!

You can read the full interview below!:

141: Please, tell us more about you as an artist. Who is Sabrina Fallah?

SF: I am a singer-songwriter from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and I accompany myself with my guitar. I am someone who tells her story through her music. I talk about experiences that I or other have gone through.

141: Which one is your first memory in the artistic field?

SF: when i was very young, I participated in a singing competition and I won 1st Prize. I sang “One day” by Simple Plan. This was the very first time that I performed alone on stage for a big crowd and it helped me get over my fear of performing. I really enjoyed being on the stage and I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

141: In which part of your life did you decide to become an artist?

SF: I was 14 when I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a singer.

141: What album or CD contributed to take that decision?

SF: I was very much into Michelle Branch, Simple Plan and Avril Lavigne. When I was 15 0r 16, “American Idiot” CD of Green Day came out, that was when I figured out I wanted to become a rock singer.

141: What’s the goal of the existence of all the different music genres to you?

SF: Everyone has his/her own taste in music. It is very good to have a different genre to music, so there is a lot variety to choose from.


 141:  What do you try to express with your music?
SF: I trying  to express how I feel, what I have been through and what I hear others are going through. I hope that, through the message in my music, I can help people.
141: Which is the most important presentation you have been on?
SF: I have really enjoyed all the performances I have done. It is a great feeling after a show, big or small, people come up to me and tell me how much they enjoyed my performance and specially when they mention that they loved my original music.
141: At what time do you like to write your music? Is there any favorite time, ambiance or place for your creative process?
SF: I can write my music at anytime and anywhere. I specially love to write in my basement because I like writing and practicing my music in a darker setting.
141: How do you inspire yourself to begin the writing process?
SF: Basically, I just have to be inspired, something has to click in my mind for an idea to start writing. Then once I have idea, the lyrics start to flow.
141: What can we expect form you soon for all the people that know you and the new followers to come?
SF: I have just released my new EP “Kiss is a killer” on iTunes, which I recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. The 5 tracks on my record are “Kiss is a killer”, “Stuck Up”, “Didn’t Last”, “Paradise Comes with a Price” and “Hurt”. I also released two acoustic videos for my songs “Paradise Comes with a Price” and “Hurt”, which you can watch on my Youtube Channel (thefallah). You can hear my music on my official website, Youtube, Facebook and more.
141. What’s your input with the Hispanic audiences? Have you tried collaborating with Spanish speaking artist?
SF: I am actually not Spanish , I was born in Canada and my background is Iranian9I1B7224.jpg


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