Interview with Cristina Quinones

By Javier Mena
It was really a pleasure to have the opportunity to get in touch with one of the new prominent pop singers and such talented artist as Cristina Quinones. On her music, she works the very essential part of herself  into it and her very unique way and style. For all the Pop/R&B lovers, she definately  is a “must-have” on the playlist. Anyway, here’s the interview so you can get to know her a little better.
141: How would you describe Cristina Quinones? Is the artist any different than the real you?
CQ:Cristina Quinones is unique in her own way. I’m a very open person and I laugh pretty much everything. The artist is who I am as the real me. I pride myself in being my original self. I like to show that to my fans that I am a real person underneath all the make up and video shoots.
141: When did you discover your talent and when did you realize it was your vocation?
CQ: I think I was about 7 years old in music class in Elementary school when I realized I had a talent for singing. I didn’t fully recognize it until I was about 10 years old.

141: Were you born with the talent or you’d say you learned to develop it?

CQ: Ever since I could remember I’d always wanted to sing. I sang around the house, in the car and even when I walked around places. It was a natural thing with me. I believe it was something I was born with that I had to work on to make better and better as time when on.

141: When and how was your first experience onstage?

CQ: My first onstage experience was when I was 10 years old and I was at my talent show singing Hilary Duff’s song “Math”. I had gotten my wardrobe for it with my mom and had my props for stage. It was my first time really performing for people. I remember it so clearly.

141: Which has been your most important accomplishment during your musical career so far?

CQ: That was when I received my first award at 16. It was for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Horizon Award. Being recognized at such a young age in your hometown felt like such an accomplishment for me. I was so blessed to have my family there to watch me receive it.

141: Being the first latin female of the music industry to have been recorded by the state of Georgia is a huge thing, how do you feel about this?

CQ: Sometimes it feels unreal like at some moment I’ll wake up from this insane dream. Being recognized by my state is an amazing feeling. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I don’t regret a single thing. I’m extremely thankful for my city’s support.

141: Which is your main source of inspiration to write music? Do you have a muse or something like that?

CQ: My main source is just my every day life. Anything that I feel can contribute to my artistry is inspiration. My family, my personal life and my friends. I have a very colorful life in my opinion so I just grab stories that I write down in my journal and I transform it into a song. I’ll usually just grab my guitar and think of something that’s been on my mind or something in my journal and go from there.

141: Who are your main influences?

CQ: I have a lot but my main ones are Selena Quintanilla, Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera. They are such dynamic performers and singers. Each one of them had a trait that I was mesmerized with. Something that grabbed me as a artist.

141: How would you define your music’s genre in a very personal way?

CQ: I would say it’s different. It’s unique in its own way like myself. I want my music to hit every age group. I want it to hit every culture. My family is a mixture of different cultures and personalities and I want it to be eclectic like my family, like what I grew up with. It has a r&b, pop, latin fusion in it that I’ve worked so hard to define as my own personal style.

141: What’s the next step on your career? Are you planing on coming to Mexico anytime soon?

CQ: My next step is my move to L.A. I’m hoping to release my first ever EP during the summer and grow more with my art. And yes, I do plan on coming down around August time actually. Hopefully that happens because I would love to see where my roots come from.
Well, as you can see, she’s a very humble, nice and warm woman on the road to becoming another level of artist and we invite you to follow her on her social media: facebook, twitter and instagram for more updates! Here’s a video of her latest single so you can listen a little more of her musical proposal.


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