Interview with Ricky Jarman

So, if you haven’t heard of the rising pop star Ricky Jarman… Well, sorry but you’re not using your social media propperly! A person of our team noticed him some months ago and we had the amazing opportunity of interviewing him (God bless the Internet). No more intro, lets get to the interview!

141. How did you come with the idea of getting into the music business, especially pop?

RJ: I have always been surrounded by music all of my life.  I grew up in a very musically inclined family. MY dad was a drummer, my mom was a dancer, two of my uncles are guitarists, and my grandpa was a lead guitarist for a popular rock band in PA years ago. My mom jokes saying that I came dancing out the womb haha.

141. We noticed some tastes of Justin Timberlake, a little bit of Sir Ari Gold, even Courtney Act on some parts of Get to Know Ya. So, tell us, what or who are your influences in music? 

RJ: Yes, I have heard several times in the past that my style reminds some folks of Justin Timberlake. I’m not so familiar with the others that you named, but I deffnently take it as a compliment that you feel my music brings a JT flavor to the table. I’m not one who likes to compare myself to others, because I feel I bring something genuinely unique to the table, but growing up Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson were who I looked up to most in music.

141. What are your goals as a singer?

RJ: I’m sure anyone who does music hopes to sell lots of records, do world tours, win Grammys, and get rich doing what they love, but my biggest goal is to touch peoples lives in a way that helps bring encouragement to their lives and motivates people to want to succeed. I want to be a positive role model.

141. How do you define your music?

RJ: I would define my music as Urban Pop. The reason i say that is because my music has a very cross over type feel. It has a little bit of pop and a little bit of R&B mixed together.

141: You had quite the followers when you were a model, but since you released the single “Get To Know ya”, how much has your life changed?

RJ: I have always loved to model ever since I had my first official photo shoot at the age of 11. Modeling isnt past tense for me, but is instead something that is still very much a part of who I am and what my brand is about. The “Get To Know Ya” single, that you mentioned, really helped shape myself as an artist. I’ve known for a long time now as to what direction I wanted to go musically, but for a while I felt like there was just something always missing. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. And then I met and started working with Super Producer, Sam Harmonix, and all of a sudden it all clicked- It all just seemed to finally come together. Sam Harmonix has helped my brand in many ways, and I finally feel I have met someone who understands my artistry completely. A few ways that I have noticeably seen a change is in the size of my fan base and the over all sound of my music as a whole.

141: You released a music video about six months ago, and we noticed that you were shooting another one by your instagram account, when can we expect this new video? You hinted something about “I’m on one”, but is it about Lucky?

RJ: Yes! Its another uptempo song entitled “Lucky”. This time however, the uptempo song will take a different direction. “Get To Know Ya” was very urban, but “Lucky” will bring forth more of an iconic Top 40s type sound. It will be perfect to introduce the summer time! I’ve been keeping the song pretty hush hush for the most part by choosing to release both the song and the music video on the same day! The official release for “Lucky” is scheduled to release May 10th. So I hope everyone is ready!

141: What is the hardest thing you’ve done or gone through to get where you are right now?

RJ: The hardest thing I’ve done would be not giving up and just continuing to work hard and be consistent. The journey for an artist can be very rewarding, but also very hard, lonely, and taxing at times. There is many times where a person in the music industry could very easily just say “I quit” or “this is too hard” or “I am so tired of people screwing me over”. I’m sure we all of thought those things at one point or another, but you’ll never truly know success without first experiencing failure. Life is all about learning and growing, and so far thats exactly what I’ve been doing. It is what you make it.

141. Are you planning on visiting Mexico in the future or any country from Latin America?

RJ: I would LOVE to visit Mexico sometime soon! I can’t say for sure yet if its in the cards to come there soon, but I can say that I deffnently plan to visit the wonderful people of Mexico at some point in my career. I have always held a special place in my heart for the Hispanic and Latin communities at large. It’s so rich with culture with such beautiful places to see.

141: You use #swag in most of your instagram publications, what’s the meaning of that word to you? There are different nuances in that word, don’t your think?

RJ: You’re right, there are several nuances for the word swag. But to me the word swag means extremely cool or exciting. I tend to think that I have swagger, and I like to portray that swag in my music, my clothing, the way I act, and how I talk. But in reality we all have swag, in our own unique ways. 🙂

He’s a model, singer, dancer, and more.If you think we missed asking some questions, leave them in the comments (tweet us, inbox us via facebook or any way you like!). Tomorrow we’ll be releasing the interview translated in Spanish.

Don’t forget to follow him on his different accounts!

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